NOTE: This wiki is not abandoned! Chris6d has not been that active here lately but he WILL come back and add to it soon! This wiki is NOT available for adoption!

This wiki, since its founding in March 2019, has served to provide you—the readers, the straphangers, the passengers and travelers—with every single piece of information about the MTA's bus and train systems! Keep in mind that this wiki is encyclopedic in nature, and only aims to provide information about the system, not live updates or service changes. To see live service changes, check the Twitter feed to the right, or join the Discord server.

The MTA is the official agency running all of New York City's mass transit systems! On this wiki, you will find in-depth summaries and information for the New York City Subway, all of its trains, lines, and stations, as well as information regarding the Long Island Rail Road, Metro-North Railroad, and its 322 bus routes. Let's take a ride!

This wiki is a work in progress, so it will be very incomplete for a while. You can help by adding missing information. This wiki is run and managed by Chris6d, so contact him if you need help with something, or have any questions.

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